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A day in the set for Jared ‘Douchebag’ Padalecki and Jensen ‘Fragile’ Ackles


“It was supposed to be, uhm, [Jared laughs awkwardly] so Cas fake heaven was supposed to, I don’t even know what I’m… playing to… It was supposed to be a bunch of pictures of Dean. [people laugh] It really was. Uhm, because I think the writers thought it was funny. But we were like, we were like ‘it IS funny, but we don’t want to give the wrong idea that that’s what’s going on. And so we changed it like that, yes…’ [people start clapping]
But the idea… the idea was that Metatron was messing with Castiel. So we didn’t want to make the episode seem like it was… like we’re hinting towards something. Because that would have ruined the show to make it about something it wasn’t about. So they just changed it to like a really kitschy, goofy, kind of thing.”
Jared Padalecki JIB:5 panel Sunday 2014 (via momecat)
“I like it a lot. I always talk about—most of the shows have been Jensen and Jared, Sam and Dean, so to have another actor there—and Misha’s been around for a long time, obviously—but to have another actor you feel comfortable with and is talented and brings something else out of your character…I feel like it’s good for the whole show, the whole series. And I do love Misha!”
Jared Padalecki [x]
Jared at Critic’s Choice Awards (01.16.14)

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Jared Padalecki playing the cello



Jared Padalecki poses for a portrait during the 19th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

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actual photoset of jared padalecki ruining my life

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