Graphics resources - making this up as I go

Graphics resources

Oh boy, getting serious now. I’ve made a resources post for my graphics, to be updated as I use more sources. I’ll provide links whenever possible. Maybe later I’ll do links to tutorials I’ve used and things like that.

textures from flickr: division72, habaneros, try365, quasimondo, rubyblossom, joessistah

photos (used under creative commons license) from flickr: refractedmoments

textures from websites: textura (url has vanished)

textures from deviant art: so_gislaine, dioma, JWJjjoj


on tumblr: gallicka
from LJ: geckoholic, grande_caps, rogue_caps, true_fellings, cybel, fprintmoon, soopie, potthead, humanshapes, bl00dredskies, grlmonday, killmotion

from websites:, http://www.fringefiles.comoxoniensis, marishna

brushes: (downloads no longer available),

gradients: by dirrtylady and iamkissedbyfire and sephxual


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