Let’s talk about how SPN has been on the air for 7... - making this up as I go

Let’s talk about how SPN has been on the air for 7 seasons and Castiel has been a part of 4 of them.

Let’s talk about how he’s important to the Winchesters and they’re important to him.

Let’s talk about how some SPN fans continue to act surprised that he’s there at all.

Let’s talk about how some SPN fans scapegoat and hard-link decline in show quality to one character, claiming he “ruined SPN,” and that he lowers the quality of episodes he’s in— somehow magically making the pacing and writing go off the rails by his mere presence.

Let’s talk about how when fans get upset over Sam and Dean and make their voices heard, the cause is righteous but when Castiel fans get upset about Castiel they’re going against the “core” of the show and therefore should sit down, shut up and demonstrate show loyalty, while fans upset at the way Sam and Dean are being written are as vitriolic as they please without examination.

Let’s talk about the assumption that the support for SPN is made up enitirely of fans who care only or primarily about Sam and Dean, and wow, where did all these other fans come from (even though they’ve been a vocal part of the fanbase for 4 seasons now, it’s still somehow a surprise that they exist), these fans are ruining everything (4 seasons running now), surely they haven’t had anything to do with SPN’s popularity or longevity, or love and care about the whole show the way Sam and Dean fans do.

Let’s talk about how coming in late to a TV series and coming in for a side character is considered doing it wrong and ruins a fandom.

Let’s talk about fans who have watched the show from the start who are tired of hearing how they don’t understand the “heart of the show.”

Let’s talk about the assumption that the majority of Castiel fans are not concerned with how the show writes Sam and Dean, or don’t get upset or hurt or concerned or worried or are not engaged with the brothers’ story. (Unless people want to assume that having Sam as a favorite means not caring about Dean or having Dean as a favorite means not caring about Sam…)

Let’s talk about watching it for Sam and Dean but seeing the supporting characters as crucial, and not merely as props for Sam and Dean’s angst, and not as characters where it’s ok if they are there, sure, but they’d better stay in their place and not get too important and better be seen/heard as little as possible or the show is ruined.

Let’s talk about the assumption that the supporting characters had very little to do with adding to the show’s success. (Let’s talk about how amazing SPN’s supporting characters are).

Let’s talk about the argument that characters can only be close to ONE other character or the show is ruined and the relationship is destroyed.

Let’s talk about the assumption that the majority of Castiel fans hate Sam.

Let’s talk about the insulting, condescending, character-bashing language fans use when they talk about Castiel, in a fandom where character-bashing is frowned upon (or is that protection valid only for the leads?)

Let’s talk about Castiel fans being trolled and bashed for criticizing the show and then trolled and bashed for squeeing.

Let’s talk about how one of SPN’s major themes is “family.”


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